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Kedry Gift Store News

  • Spring birds

    Spring time is full of sounds and colors. Our wooden birds fits the springtime perfectly. They are bright and funny dancing when you move the sticks.
  • While we still on quarantine

    Our Bay Area meds decided to keep Shelter-in-place till the end of May. And our store will keep free shipping on orders more than $20 than. So you ...
  • While “shelter in place”

    While Shelter in place in California, we steel have a possibility to get a new gifts for you. Here is fresh made wool belt in our clothing section!
  • Hurray! Fresh printed CDs in the store!

    This collection includes vigorous, fighting, lyrical, comic songs. They were collected in different regions of Russia, in some of them long-standin...
  • New clothing for hot weather

    This new t-shirts with natural frost pattern (and small Kedry's web address on a sleeve) will cool you in hot summer weather. 
  • Tea time

    As summer bring as a hot days we steel want to get some warmth in the evening. What can be better than a cup of herbal tea in the garden on dawn?  ...