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Kedry gift store. Inspired by traditions.

Charitable sale of Pisanka eggs for Rubikus.

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We support the mission of nonprofit group Russian House Kedry.

Welcome to Kedry Gift Store

In our store you can find unique stylish gifts for adults and kids. We sell handmade, vintage or donated items. The costumes for rent available for people living in SF Bay Area. All proceeds go to

We believe that our work caries a deep meaning. In the fast changing hi-tech environment of the Bay Area, our work brings a grounding experience to life. It gives a possibility for people to connect with ancient roots of traditional culture and feel harmony between people and nature. It helps creating common foundation. This provides us with a sense of community now, and confidence for the future.

Fort Ross

We have been volunteers of Fort Ross for more than 10 years

Community Festivals

Everybody can come and participate in dances, games, craft making, and tasting of national food.


Our vocal group Kostroma performs traditional folklore songs.


You can learn how to make traditonal crafts

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