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About us

The Store founded by Russian House Kedry, a Non-Profit group who has served the Russian-speaking community of the San Francisco Bay Area since 2001.

Our interest is traditional Russian folk culture: songs, village dances, crafts, costumes, games, etc. Our volunteers lead four family-friendly calendar festivals per year, based on traditional gatherings for a wide community. Everybody can come and participate in dances, games, craft making, and tasting of national food.

Our vocal group Kostroma performs traditional folklore songs. We have published three CDs: Pobalakaem 2008, Christmas play Vertep 2015 and Over the sea 2019.

Also we have classes and workshops for kids and adults where everybody can learn traditional crafts, songs, and games.

We think that our work has deep meaning for people living in the fast changing hi-tech industry environment of the Bay Area because it gives a possibility to connect with ancient roots of traditional culture and feel harmony between people and nature, to get some common foundation which provide us with a sense of community and confidence for the future.

Through the years our group has acquired strong relations with cultural and historical organizations such as: Fort Ross Historical Park, Oakland based group of eastern European folklore singers Kitka, Slavyanka chorus from San Francisco, Serbian folk group Iskra Etno, Bay Area English regency society.